STRATHMORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, in the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District, serves approximately 420 students. Strathmore is the home for neighborhood students in Kindergarten through grade three.


    THE PROGRAM: Students at Strathmore are in self-contained classes, having one teacher for all of their academic subjects. The academic subject areas consist of reading/language arts, social studies, science, health and mathematics, which are aligned with the Core Curriculum Content Standards. Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop in K & 1 and Literacy By Design integrates reading, writing and spelling. Our Everyday Mathematics program is a rigorous curriculum that has proven to build a student’s mathematical knowledge from the basics to higher-order thinking and critical problem solving. The students also receive weekly instruction in physical education, fine arts, vocal music, computers, world languages, and library usage. The library is staffed with a media specialist who assists students and staff.  Special Education services are offered on both an in-class and pull-out basis. Teachers infuse technology throughout the curriculum by using a Promethean Board, computers, IPADS and mobile Chromebook carts
    .Students experiencing academic difficulty can obtain assistance from a number of Interventions, which may include Basic Skills, or by attending ESL tutoring. The Intervention and Referral Services Committee helps staff members develop additional strategies to assist students who are encountering difficulty in school. This team gathers information from the parents and the teacher and then works closely with the staff members providing assistance to support the students’ learning. 

    CURRICULUM EXTENSIONS: Many activities are planned to enrich the curriculum and instruction at Strathmore. Student activities such as concerts, an art show, and a showcase of student work are included. Student recognition includes our “Star Student” Program.  Native American Day is a Kindergarten activity that integrates social studies with reading, writing, math, music, art, and dance. First Grades’ cross-curricular activities include EDM activities, and The Great Pumpkin Day. These activities provide students and parents an opportunity to utilize math, reading, writing, and science skills.  Second Grade students use different activities to study the ocean. Students wrote individual reports, created models, puppets, or dioramas, and went on a field trip to explore the shore life and actual ocean. Third Graders use Technology to research a report on famous people. They also become student leaders for the building through a supervised Safety Patrol. The Annual Fun Day activity enhances desirable Physical Education and social skills as they prepare for and participate in this planned day-long adventure. All students also actively engage themselves in various community efforts, such as food drives, clothing drives, and raising funds for designated groups. 

    PARENT AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Parents and community play an integral part in our school. They are involved in all aspects of school life, enriching the activities for all of our students. Strathmore’s Parent Teacher Organization is extremely active and provides financial support for field trips, supplemental materials, special projects, and sponsors cultural arts programs. The school and the YMCA, working together, provide a before and after school child care program entitled Y-Time. Throughout the school year, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the Aberdeen Recreation Department use our facilities regularly to hold their meetings and planned activities.  Parents volunteer their time in our classrooms, assisting the classroom teacher and helping our students. Fire prevention tips and procedures are explored with the help of the Aberdeen Township’s Fire District No. 1. 

    Kelly A. Bera



Last Modified on October 21, 2019