• Homework will be in the form of weekly stapled packets or weekly assignments on Google Classrooms Mondays through Thursdays and due Fridays. 

    Please remind your child to put their name on all assignments to be handed in! 

    Classwork that was not completed in school may be sent home as necessary to finish and return. 

    All students began the year with a 100% for homework. -2 points for late/incomplete assignments and -5 points for missing/not handed in assignments. 

    Check your child's Agenda for this week's assignments. 

    I will try to alternate between Spelling and/or Writing, and Reading assignments for weekly homework. 

    (One "week" of MyView takes more than one week to complete, so there won't be spelling words every week.)

    Although I don't do traditional Reading Logs due to the due to the evidence that they can be counterproductive, students should read independently throughout the week for about an hour. Students will need to be reading regularly in order to complete their reading homework. How you divide that time up, depends on your child's schedule during the week. Please help your child choose nights or mornings they will read, but please don't set a timer for it. Students may read books they have at home, from the Matawan Public Library, signed out from our classroom library, or from Epic! or Learning A to Z (RAZ Kids). (At the moment, students are not able to check out books from our school library, hopefully that will change in the future.)

Last Modified on October 16, 2022