• First Day “Q and A”


    Question:  Can I bring a water bottle to school?

    Answer:  PLEASE bring a water bottle to keep on your desk.  Make sure it is not a distraction and it has a secure lid.


    Question:  Will we have snack?


    Answer:   We will have a quick mid-morning snack.  Avoid foods that contain tree nuts/peanuts.  In third grade we call it a working snack, so make sure it is something you can eat without a fork or spoon.   


    Question:  Will we have a lot of homework?
    Answer:  You will typically have about 30 minutes of homework each night.  Third graders will also keep a reading log to track nightly reading. 
    Question: What supplies will I need?
    Answer:  Please see the third grade supply list.  You can find it under "Announcements" on the Strathmore home page.  Desk space is tight, so please do not bring any supplies not included on the list. 
    Question:  Will we learn multiplication and division?
    Answer:  Yes, we will start practicing and memorizing facts early in the school year.  I'm sure you learned many facts in second grade!  
    Question:  I am nervous about third grade.  Will it be hard?
    Answer:  Third grade is a challenging year, but that's what makes it so exciting!  You will work hard, but you will have a lot of fun, too.  It is normal to feel a little nervous about a new grade, but I promise you will feel at home right away! 
Last Modified on September 4, 2019