• As part of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind law, the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District Board of Education receives Federal Title I Targeted Assistance to support programs in schools eligible for these funds based on criteria that include the percentage of students having socioeconomic needs. In planning these programs, consideration is given to the following:

    1. Extended learning time
    2. Providing an accelerated, high-quality curriculum
    3. Minimizing "pull-out" instruction
    4. Providing instruction by highly qualified staff
    5. Upgrading staff skills through additional training
    6. Using strategies such as family literacy services to increase parent involvement
    7. Coordinating and supporting the regular educational program, including such services as counseling, mentoring, college and career awareness and preparation

    The district Title I Program is designed to meet educational needs of those students identified as scoring below the district's minimum standards in Language Arts (LA) and/or Mathematics.   Entrance criteria for students to be eligible for our Title I services and the process for involving parents are as follows:


    1.      All MARSD students are assessed yearly through state, district, and classroom assessments to determine achievement levels.

    2.      Students that score below state/district established minimum levels of proficiency (MLP) in LA or Math are then screened by Title I teacher/staff, with input from the classroom teacher about the student's daily functioning in the classroom setting.

    3.      Strategies to help students improve targeted skills identified as being below minimum proficiency levels will be developed.

    4.      Working closely with the classroom teacher, a structured, focused program of instruction is provided to each individual student with supplementary services that are directly applicable to the general classroom setting.

    5.      Parents of eligible Title I students receive a letter explaining their child's placement in the Title I Program and Home School Parent Compact.

    6.      An annual Title I parent meeting takes place for parents of participating Title I students.

    7.      All Title I students will receive services in LA and/or Math in an inclusive program designed to support the student's learning in the context of the classroom.

    8.      Some Title I students may also be offered optional before or after school instruction.

    9.      Title I instruction in grade level subject areas are integrated with Core Curriculum Content Standards as established by the NJ Dept. of Education.

    10.  If a parent chooses to refuse the Title I Targeted Assistance Program, the parent will provide a written refusal of service which will be included in the student's cumulative folder.


    The "exit criteria" for students in the Title I programs will be based on multiple measures and a conference with the parents and teachers, including, where applicable, benchmark assessments (unit tests in LAL/Math, STAR360, DRA2) as well as assessments provided by the Title I provider(s).
    The Title I schools are Cliffwood Elementary School and Lloyd Road Elementary School and Matawan Aberdeen Middle School.


    If you have further questions about the program, please contact the principal of the Title I school your child attends.


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Last Modified on September 7, 2017