1st Grade Classroom Supplies
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    First Day Of School 

    4          2-Pocket Folders 

    1          Package of 12 pencils-SHARPENED

    4          Large glue sticks

    2         Boxes of Crayons-24 count (NO LARGER)

    1         Pair of children’s safety scissors-Fiskar’s recommended

    1          Package of 8 bullet tip dry erase markers  (BLACK ONLY)

    1          Standard size backpack  (No backpacks with wheels)

    1           Hard cased pencil box (no longer than  9 X 6)

    4           Highlighters


    Second Day Of School                             

    1        Large box of tissues

    1        Large container of Wet Ones

    1        Headphones for computers (in a Ziploc bag with child’s name on it)

               *Please do not send in ear buds. The students have a difficult time keeping them in their ears. 


    Third Day of School

    1 Box of sandwich size Ziploc bags (Girls)

    1 Container of Clorox/Lysol Wipes (Boys)

    2 Marble notebooks

    1   Bottle of Hand Sanitizer (8 oz)


    *Some materials may need to be replaced throughout the year.

    *Please ensure all materials are out of packaging and ready to use by the first day of school.

    *Thank you for your continued support throughout the year!