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    Take Home Folder: 
                       Your child's take home folder should go home each night and come back to school the following morning. Please make sure to take out papers on the left at home side. The homework log and nightly homework will be on the right back to school side. After students complete their homework, please encourage them to put it back into their own folders on the right back to school side. All notices from the office that need to be returned to school will also be on the right back to school side as well.
                      We will have a daily afternoon snack. Please pack a water bottle and one healthy snack for your student each day including the first day of school. 
    Lunch Money:
                      If you are ordering school lunch, please send money in an envelope with your student's name labeled on the front. The money will be added to their account.
    Scholastic Book Orders:
                      Scholastic orders will be sent home each month starting in October. If you would like to participate for the month, please send in your child's order with a check (no cash please) made out to Scholastic Book Club. You are able to send in your orders online as well. There will be an attached letter to our first October book order with our class online access code. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about this process.