• Hello Parents and Students! Welcome to Rachel Alvarez's Web Page!

    Name: Rachel Alvarez
    Email Address: ralvarez@marsd.org
    Phone number:732-705-4000 ext. 4070 (Cambridge Park)
                             732-705-5700 ext. 5755 (Lloyd Road)

     I am very excited to be at both Cambridge Park Elementary School and Lloyd Road this year.  I am the CST Social Worker at Cambridge Park and Counselor at Lloyd Road and look forward to working with the students, parents, staff and community to help make this a great year.  I will be updating this site to include resources, activities, links and ideas that will be helpful in building strong, inquisitive, intelligent, kind and empathetic learners for years to come.  My goal is to use this page to provide these resources for students and caregivers alike.  

    I love hearing from students, parents and caregivers.  This page is for you.  If there is a topic you are interested in learning more about or you think would be interesting and helpful to others, please let me know.  I truly believe community and connection are essential in all of our lives, so please don't hesitate to let me know your ideas. 

    You can also follow me on Twitter at rsalvarez8.