• Welcome to the Class of 2020's Information Page

    Advisor: Ms. Sa
    Email: jsa@marsd.org
    ***Please contact me at anytime with questions***
    This page will hold all information necessary about the Junior Class and the Prom.  
    Meetings will be held twice a month for officers & prom committee members.
    All notifications will be sent out through Google Classroom. 
    What do you have to do to go to Prom??
    Follow the steps below:
         1. MRHS students who are going to prom with other students from MRHS or
               individually must complete the Google Form Prom Contract that will be posted
               on the MRHS webpage later in the year. Before accessing the Google Form you
            MUST login with your MARSD Email otherwise it will not let you complete the
               form! The form must be filled out prior to paying for prom!
           2. MRHS students bringing guests from outside MRHS must download the
               attached contract to fill out or pick one up from outside the school cafeteria
               on the Junior Class Bulletin Board. The form must be filled out and brought
               with you to the prom collection. You MUST also bring or email a copy of the
               outside guests photo ID to the prom collection.
                            ***Prom contract will be posted later in the year***
           3. When Prom Collection Dates arrive, make sure to have the above completed
               and come to the collection with cash or a check made out the MRHS-SAF.
           4. After all collections are made, you will fill out your table form that is attached
               or that can be found on the Junior Class Bulletin Board outside the high school
               cafeteria. Return these forms directly to Ms. Sa or in the bin in the main
               office labeled Prom Table Forms. If a form is handed in with less than 12
               name, tables will be combined. 
                             ***Prom table forms will be posted later in the year***
    Prom Payment Collection Dates: To Be Determined 
    ***No Contracts or Money will be accepted after (Date To Be Determined). There will also be a late fee added to the prom price for any payments collected between the final collection and late collection dates. ***
    2019 Prom Information
    Location:   Ariana's Grand Ballroom in Woodbridge, NJ
    Friday June 7, 2019
    6:30pm - 10:30pm
    Theme:   To Be Determined
    Price for Tickets:   $100 Single/ $190 Couple (
    Make checks payable to MRHS SAF)
Last Modified on August 13, 2018