• Hello MAMS! Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts!

    Name: Laura Black
    Email Address: lblack@marsd.org
    Phone number: (732) 765-2328

    I would like to welcome you to 6th Grade Language Arts!
    This is going to be a fun year of exploration in reading and writing.
    My name is Mrs. Black.  I have over ten years of experience in edication.  This is my fourth year at MAMS and I am so excited to have you in my class.  Though this year looks and feels very different, we are about to embark on something that no other students have done!  That, in itself, is very exciting!  Lets get this journey started!
     **I will not be sending home any textbooks or novels just yet.  I will let you know when/if we decide to do that.  Materials your student will need will be found online.  
    "Reading is dreaming with open eyes." -Unknown