• School Information


    The HighScope Preschool Curriculum is based on the principles of active learning and support of a child's positive interactions with adults and peers. It is a research-based curriculum which uses a comprehensive model to address all areas of development through eight content areas:

    • Approaches to Learning
    • Social and Emotional Development
    • Physical Development and Health
    • Language, Literacy and Communication
    • Mathematics
    • Creative Arts
    • Science and Technology
    • Social Studies

    While learning in these content areas prepares children for later schooling, HighScope takes the learning process beyond traditional academic subjects by applying methods that promote independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving in young children.


    SCHOOL HOURS FOR 2018-19

    Full day    8:35- 2:35


    All teachers are dual certified by the State of NJ as a P-3 teacher and teacher of students with disabilities. Our school psychologist and school social worker are part of our Child Study Team. For students with IEPs, we have two speech therapists, offer Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.  In addition, we have our own on site nurse.


    The Community YMCA’s Child Achievement Center provides on-site before and after care services to students for an additional fee. Click here for more information.


    Specific information regarding registration can be found in our registration packet.  Registration will not be complete without the following:  Proof of Residency Checklist, proof of age, immunization requirements, physical examination requirement, proof of income (if applying for reduced tuition).


    Tuition includes transportation to and from school.  There is no discount for students who do not utilize busing services.

2018-2019 Registration Procedures for NEW STUDENTS only

  • The parent or legal guardian is the only person who may register their child.
    Please follow these steps to complete the registration process.

    Step 1:  To begin the registration process with our district, please go online to to fill out the pre-registration form.  Make sure you complete ALL required information.  If you don’t have access to a computer, there will be a Chromebook available for your use at the Central Office.  Please call us should you need to use the chromebook to pre-register.

    Step 2: Print out and complete the rest of the registration documents which can be accessed here: Centralized Registration Packet.  If you do not have a printer, we will provide you with the rest of the registration packet on the day of your registration appointment.

    Step 3: Call or email Ms. Ariana Torres, Central Office Registrar at (732) 705-4000 or at  to schedule an appointment. At your appointment, you will need to submit the rest of the registration packet and supporting documents.
    Step 4: After completing the online pre-registration form, filling out the rest of the registration packet (if you have printer access), and scheduling an appointment with the Central Office Registrar, make sure you have ALL of the documents listed below and a non-refundable deposit on hand which you will bring on the day of your appointment.  Please note that if you do not have the necessary documents, you will be unable to register.

    Preschool registrations are by appointment only - (9:00 a.m. – 11:30 am & 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m), Monday - Friday.

    Please call the office for an appointment at (732) 705- 4000.

    Tuition student enrollment is done on a first come, first serve basis. Once all enrollment spots are filled, students are added to a wait list and enrolled in the order names are received. Registration is not considered complete until the first payment is remitted in its entirety before the May 15th deadline.


     1. BIRTH CERTIFICATE (original or certified copy with a raised seal)

    *Foreign, non-English birth certificates require a certified translation

     2. DIVORCE/CUSTODY AGREEMENT (if applicable) and/or  Form 218 A -  Registering Parent & Form 218 B - Non Registering Parent.


    ONE (1) of the following:

    1. Homeowner: Mortgage statement or deed
    2. Renter: current lease

    AND THREE (3) of the following additional proofs of residency (current month only):

    1. Utility Bills (Gas, Water, Electric)
    2. Tax bill, telephone bill, bank statement, cable bill, medical bill, insurance bill, correspondence from the county or special services

    If you reside with someone else and you do not personally own or rent the residence - you must fill out an Application for Admission of Domicile Student.  Please click on the link to download the document, or one can be provided to you at Central Office during your appointment.  This application must be completed by both parties (resident and parent), and must be notarized.  Both parties will need to provide proofs of residence as noted on application (4 proofs from resident, and 2 proofs from parent).


    Proof of Immunizations is required for preschool entry and MUST be provided before the first day of school. Your child needs:

    ∙      4 doses of DTAP

    ∙      3 doses of Polio

    ∙      1 dose MMR

    ∙      1 dose HIB on or after first birthday

    ∙      1 dose Varicella

    ∙      1 dose of Pneumococcal conjugate on or after first birthday and,

    ∙      **1 dose Seasonal Influenza between September and December annually**

    PHYSICAL EXAMINATION REQUIREMENT:  All students are required to submit a physical examination that has been completed within the past 365 days. It MUST be provided before the first day of school. NJ Universal Health form is available online at

     5. PROOF OF INCOME IF APPLYING FOR REDUCED TUITION: Taxes and W-2 are subject to verification via USDA’s lunch application.

    Please note:  We do not require, and will not request documents that reveal immigration status, or other documents protected from disclosure by law. We will consider the totality of information and documentation you provide in making our determination. Please contact Ms. Luciano, Central Office Registrar, with any questions or issues concerning the required documents. When complete documentation is not available, your child, or children, will be registered temporarily, for 30 days, pending receipt of the remaining documents.