We are pleased to announce FREE full day preschool

    to residents of the

    Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District!

    *pending NJ DOE Preschool Funding


    School Information



    Preschool classes will be opened at Cambridge Park Preschool, Strathmore Elementary, Cliffwood Elementary, and off site. We are unable to accept location/teacher requests at this time.   Classes for previously registered students will begin September 5th.  New registrants will begin either September 5th, September 16th or before October 1st.  Spots are filled on a first come basis.  

    Classroom assignments will be on or about September 3rd pending final funding notification.


    Tools of the Mind is a research-based early childhood model combining teacher professional development with a comprehensive innovative curriculum that helps young children to develop the cognitive, social-emotional, self-regulatory, and foundational academic skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.

    The Approach

    Tools of the Mind gives teachers the tools to ensure every child becomes a successful learner, developing the underlying cognitive, social and emotional skills needed to reach his or her highest potential.  Melding Vygotskian theory with cutting edge neuroscience research, Tools is a unique approach to teaching and learning with research demonstrated outcomes for children and teachers.

    Tools of the Mind is based upon a specific set of beliefs about how children develop and learn. Tools instructional interactions are designed to help teachers be more effective in identifying teachable moments, assessing children’s development and differentiating instruction. Tools teachers focus on helping children become intentional and reflective learners, creating a classroom in which instruction in literacy, mathematics and science reflect children’s learning capacity, rather than age-level expectations.

    Tools combines a comprehensive early childhood curriculum with an innovative approach to teacher professional development to effectively transform early childhood teaching and learning, and improve child outcomes. 


    While learning in these content areas prepares children for later schooling, Tools of the Mind takes the learning process beyond traditional academic subjects by applying methods that promote independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving in young children.

    All teachers are certified by the State of NJ. Our school psychologist and school social worker are part of our Child Study Team. For students with IEPs, we have two speech therapists, and offer Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy.  In addition, we have our own on-site nurse. 


    The Community YMCA’s Child Achievement Center provides on-site before and after care services to students for an additional fee. Click here for more information.  


    Specific information regarding registration can be found in our registration packet.  Registration will not be complete without the following:  Proof of Residency Checklist, proof of age, immunization requirements, physical examination requirement, proof of income (if applying for reduced tuition). 


    Transportation is included only for existing tuition paying students as a courtesy.  All other students' busing is offered according to district policy.



  • What does "pending NJ DOE preschool funding" mean?

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    At this time we have been notified that we are one of the few districts eligible to apply for the 2019-20 Preschool Expansion Aid (PEA) funding opportunity.  The State will confirm final funding eligibility on September 3rd.

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  • Will my child automatically be guaranteed a spot if I wait to register her?

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    Registration is on a first come basis. While we hope to have enough spots for every student who is eligible, there will be a wait list should we fill to capacity.

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  • Can I pick which site my child will attend?

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    We understand that parents may have school preferences. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accomodate requests.  We will try our best to consider siblings' schools and home zones when placing students. We appreciate your understanding and patience with the process as we're working hard to create the best possible program for our students! 

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  • If my child gets a spot at a school other than CP, are school hours the same as the school?

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    Preschool hours will differ slightly from the elementary schools to make arrival and dissmissal times less chaotic for our littlest learners.  Preschool students wil start earlier than K-3 students. More information will available within a few weeks. Again, we thank you for your patience!

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