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    President’s Corner 2/24/20

    I am pleased to report that yesterday Governor Murphy released the school state aid numbers; MARSD funding remained flat (no loss of money) and an increase of approximately $358,000.

    To reiterate the points made during the President’s report;

    There should be no doubt that student safety is the number one priority at MARSD. The District Administration along with the Board of Education acts with every legal means to ensure student safety, along with both police departments.

    Over the past few years, MARSD has increased parent and child workshops regarding bullying and safety. As recently as last month there was a parent presentation on racism and bias, unfortunately, there were plenty of empty seats. There is no doubt MARSD works at its best when we work together. Which brings us to Strategic Planning March 20th and 21st, an RSVP link was sent out.

    Strathmore was a great host as always. The presentations put on by the students were great. The students at Strathmore have become involved in taking steps to reduce hunger, the more steps they take, the more people they feed. These lessons go well beyond the classroom and speak volumes about the character of the children and faculty. The board was also able to read books published by the ESL students.

    The next Board meeting is on March 9th at Cambridge.



    President's Corner:

    In this edition of the President’s Corner, I am going to highlight two meetings.

    At the January 27th meeting, at Cliffwood Elementary School, the Board was treated to an interactive presentation from our amazing students who showed off their coding skills. They were able to teach members of the Board on how to make robots do a silly dance.

    The next meeting on February 10th, at Cambridge Park Preschool, was the Board’s workshop meeting. As part of new business, the Board discussed the food services contract and began looking at modernizing our long-range facility plan. Under policy, there was a first read on a second option for graduation. Board members began discussion and preparation for some changes in the second read. In the meantime, the policy is available for anyone interested in reading it.

    Lastly, if you have received the survey regarding strategic planning please respond, it matters!

    The next meeting for the Board of Education is February 24, 2020, at Strathmore Elementary School.

    See you there!

    Allison Friedman