•      My name is Mr. Cordasco and I will be your teacher for this upcoming academic year.  I know this year will begin like nothing else we have experienced to this point.  I look forward to taking this interesting journey with all of you as a group!  Plese do not hesitate to ask an questions about the content or where you are supposed to log in at any time.  Even if I cannot answer it myself, I can point you in the right direction

          A little information about myself.  I have been teaching for 11years, however this is only my third year at Matawan Regional High School.  I have received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Monmouth University, my masters in physics throught he University of Colorado, and have 5 teaching certificates.  I am a football coach at the high school and thoroughly have enjoyed my time at Matawan Regional High School.  I am looking forward to taking these obstacles hat 2020 has presented us with so far and meeting them head-on.  


    The best way to contact me would be through my MARSD email, RCordasco@marsd.org.  If youre a student and need to contact me, please do so through email.



    Please click on the link below for information pertaining to the 2020-2021 academic year.