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    Welcome to Mrs. O'Neill's website!

    Name: Mrs. O'Neill
    Email Address: moneill@marsd.org
    Phone number: (732) 290-2800
    "There is no history of mankind, there is only an indefinite number of histories of all kinds of aspects of human life" - Karl Popper
    Hello! My name is Michelle O'Neill and I have been a Social Studies teacher at Matawan Regional High School since 2009. I studied Cultural Anthropology and Women's Studies at Rutgers University. After graduating with my undergrad I enrolled at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education in New Brunswick and earned my M.A. in Secondary Social Studies Education. I have a MA in History from Gilder Lehrman Center and a school administrator certificate from NJPSA NJEXCEL program. I am a carry the N.J. Teacher Leader endorsement. I have two sons, one who attends Lloyd Road and the other at Ravine Drive elementary. I enjoy teaching various social science courses and am looking forward to having your student this year! 
    My schedule this year is as follows:
    Per. 1 - Characteristics of Knowledge and Acquisition Rm. 415
    Per. 3- Sociology Rm. 415  
    Per. 4- Civic Leadership I: Foundations of a Leader Rm. 415  
    Per. 6- Civic Leadership II: Senior Apprenticeship Rm. 415  
    Per. 7 Civic Leadership I: Foundations of a Leader Rm. 415  
    If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact me!! moneill@marsd.org 
    In the Civic Leadership Academy, we strive to allow students to develop their full potential as leaders both in and outside of the school building. Students enter the Civic Leadership Academy during their junior year for a half year elective course and take a full year Senior Apprenticeship course where we coordinate various projects around the school. Students complete community service hours as a requirement for this course.  
    In Race, Class, and Gender, we analyze the interlocking matrices of power and privilege that position us all in relation to one another. We will explore identities of race, language, immigration status, socioeconomic standings and gender. This course is a half year elective that is created around a discussion based classroom environment and one in which controversial issues will be explored head on. 
    In World Cultures, students will study the major events that helped to form the modern world. Themes of war, disease, culture, art, technology, exploration, and colonization will be explored in various times and places throughout this class. Students will analyze the historical perspectives of different time periods and will utilize maps, documents, and artistic works in primary source analysis. This course will develop an understanding of social studies terminology as well as interpretations of the themes of government, politics, and economics and their effects on various World Cultures. This course goes beyond the rote memorization of isolated facts and fosters the development of higher level thinking skills by encouraging students to make their own historical assessments and evaluations.
    In Sociology students will gain a better understanding of themselves and their role in society. Sociologists recognize that the groups or social structures that one belongs to have a profound influence over the way that individual thinks, feels and acts. Sociology provides tools to understand what these social structures are, how they affect our beliefs and behaviors, and how individuals relate to each other. Students will think critically and objectively as they apply sociological principles to everyday events, uses and problems.
    I look forward to a very exciting and wonderful year at Matawan Regional! Go Huskies! :)



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