Art Club

  • Art Club Advisor: Mr. Stevens (

    If you are interested in the visual arts and you want to meet with like minded students then this is the place for you. We have an Art Contest and a Mural Team. We will run a Holiday Door Decorating Contest and build a solid Personal Art Portfolio. If you are interested please add yourself to the 2021-2022 Google Art Club Classroom to be updated on meeting times and projects. Meeting time will also be shared in the calender at or near the start of each month. 


    October Meeting Dates:

    November 22nd for 7th and 8th Graders only.

    November 30th for Sixth Grade Only

    *Be sure to sign up for the late bus in Study Hall or lunch, or be sure to have a ride for 4PM

    *Meeting in Room 509 from 2:45 untill 4:00PM

    *Bring a Sketchbook and a pencil (I will provide paper if you do not have a sketchbook) 

    *Announcements for future meeting will be on the MAMS Clandar, in the Morning Announcements and Hanging on a Poster outsdide room 509 

    Google Classroom code: cpau3wa

    first display since the pandemic started