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    Name: Mr. Deegan
    Email Address: ddeegan@marsd.org  

    Welcome to Computers. Computers is a marking period class. We will cover coding with Code.org.
    Unit 1: Problem Solving
    Unit 2: Web Design
    Unit 3: Animations and Games
    Unit 4: The Design Process
    Unit 5: Data and Society
    Unit 6: Physical Computing
    Resources. The students do not need to bring anything extra to class. All we need is a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.
    Classroom Procedures. Upon arrival, the students need to turn their computer on & log in. They then should open the appropriate software/application & consult the board for the day's goals & procedures.
    Schedule.     Period 3-4: Grade 8
                         Period 7-8: Grade 7
                         Period 9-10: Grade 6 
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