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    Name: Mr. DiMario
    Email Address: jdimario@marsd.org
    Room: 305

    Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies In this class you will analyze, evaluate and express your opinion.  Students will explore, question,  and seek to find answers.  You are expected to be an active and motivated learner in this journey.  


    As an student in this class you will be encouraged to think critically and to defend your opinions based on evaluation of the facts.  We will try together to answer the eternal student question "So what?" and to grow intellectually. You will investigate the story of humanity and hopefully come to an understanding and appreciation of why we are who we are today.


    Through reading of various as well as a variety of supplemental sources, you will be challenged to understand historical events in greater depth and from different perspectives and to comprehend the relevance of studying the past in relation to your world today.  Writing, reading skills in the content area, historical research, and decision-making skills are emphasized.  Considerable emphasis is placed upon the analysis of informational texts. Class discussions and enrichment activities such as debates that will teach students to think critically.  
    Lets have a great year!
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Last Modified on October 18, 2023