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    Virtual Learning Information 

    Guidelines for Marking Period 4

    • Each daily class will have:
      1. Do-now Activity, Discussion Question, or Essential Question to be answered
      2. Classwork/Activities, which will include video lessons made by myself or downloaded from YouTube or Khan Academy
        • You are expected to TAKE NOTES on the videos to refer to when completing the assignments
      3. Closure Activity, such as a 5 question Google Form 
    • Each week there will be a Reflection to be answered on Friday

    Students will be required to complete each part of the lesson, as well as the weekly reflection. ALL work will be due at MIDNIGHT each day.


    • Projects, Assignments, Assessments (Major grades) - 50%
    • Discussions, do-nows, exit slips, Meet/Hangout participation (Minor grades) - 25%
    • Reflections - 25%

    • If you are having a technical issue or trouble with any of the material, I expect you to get in touch with me so we can figure it out together. I will be available each day during our scheduled class time, as well as during my office hours. I will check my email until 2:30 each day.


    • Please email me if you need help during my office hours (12:30-2:30) and I will schedule a time for us to MEET. We can do this individually or in a small group.I will always have Hangouts open during office hours if something comes up and you need to contact me. Please note, I may be in a meeting or helping another student but will get back to you. 


    • If no contact has been made with me and no assignment is turned in, I will contact your parent/guardian.


    Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School Virtual Learning Schedule 

    Block 1/2


    Block 3/4


    Block 5/6


    Block 7/8


    Block 9/10


    Make-up Lunch Time


    Teacher Prep/ Office Hours


    I will post your link to meet with me on our Google Classroom page.

    Google MEET Expectations and Procedures

    I will post meeting times for our class.
    CLICK the LINK in your Google Classroom for our class. 
    Click JOIN NOW at the bottom of your screen.
    Turn OFF (mute) your microphone until/if I tell you to turn it on. (bottom of the screen)
    Type in questions on the side in the chat section... about the lesson.
    Youare in school, please dress accordingly and behave yourself.
    Be patient with one another and me.  We are ALL learning. :)


    I will also open up the comments section in Google Classroom so that you may ask questions that way.  Just like in class, YOUR QUESTIONS are usually the ones someone else wants to ask, too!  So, we can all help each other by asking. 
    Be careful about posting ONLY SCHOOL-APPROPRIATE INFORMATION...because WE ARE IN SCHOOL, even if it's ONLINE:)  THINK before you CLICK!
    Email me about any concerns and questions.  There will be plenty from all of us, including me!  

    Let's all be patient with one another, because this is brand new territiory for everyone. 

    I'm here for you.

    Stay healthy!


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