A message from the Technology Department —

    In an era where the only constant is change, our students need to be fluent in technology.  These technologies include computers, internet, Web 2.0, hardware, software, web-applications, and peripheral devices.  It is vital for our children to be fearless learners and possess the 21st Century skills necessary to navigate our world.  As educators in the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District our job is to prepare our children for an emerging global knowledge-based workplace, and to be informed citizens in a complex civilization.

    The MARSD Technology Department is responsible for promoting a shared vision of technology and it is vital that we also provide our students a rigorous curriculum aligned to the standards, delivered by effective teachers.  Our schools are proud to provide a high quality of service to ensure that hardware and software is updated and maintained for our staff and students.

    Our technology team includes:

    Kevin Dugal
    Manager of Information Systems and Technology
    Daniel Gaestel
    Assistant Manager of Information Systems and Technology
    Louis Gonzalez
    Computer Technician
    David Diaz
    Computer Technician
    Darlene Gallagher
Last Modified on October 27, 2021