• Course Overview

    Week 1: Intro/ Scream Parody

    Week 2: Positive and Negative Space 

    Week 3: Line Value Animals

    Week 4: King Tut 

    Week 5: Greek gods/ goddesses

    Week 6: The Davids

    Week 7: Word Play/ DADA Art Movement

    Week 8: Mandala 

    Week 9: Illustration  

    What does our week look like?


    Assignments for the week will be posted. Daily Attendance Question


    Daily Attendance Question


    Art history component. Daily Attendance Question


    Daily Attendance Question


    Assignments for the week will be due by [time]. Daily Attendance Question


    Google Meet Mon., Tues., Thurs. Fri. 1:50-2:10 pm (Link Posted in Google Classroom)

    Google Meet Wednesday 10:26-11:16 am.  (Link Posted in the Google Classroom) 

    Virtual office hours: Every Wednesday 1:00-2:35pm 

    Google Meet Schedule 

    (Link Posted in Google Classroom)

    Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri. 


    1:50-2:10 pm

    10:26-11:16 am


    Virtual office hours: Every Wednesday 1:00-2:35pm 


    Course Objective 


    1. Read Instructions carefully
    2. Complete Reflection Questions
    3. Be present at Google Meets preferably with your camera on and your mic muted
    4. Watch reference videos and observe the examples
    5. Turn in your work into Google Classroom by Friday. (all assignments will be due on Fridays by 3 pm)


    *If there is a holiday for a given week I will clarify the weekly expectations

    * I will accept late submissions but only if you contacted me before to tell me why it will be late

    * Please make sure photos of your artwork are well lit and leave a comment about what you used to create your work

    Grading Rubric:


    Art Skill 1

    Art Skill 2

    Weekly Performance

    Attendance Post

    Reflection Questions






    Changes weekly (per assignment)

    Changes weekly (per assignment)

    • Participation
    • Effort
    • Google meets
    • 5 per week
    • 1 per day (3 points each)
    • 3 questions per assignment

    Total- /100 points (per week)

    Mr. Stevens


    Recommended Art Materials:

    Sketchbook, watercolor pallet, color pencils, sharpie, markers


    Required Art Materials:

    Paper and a pencil (default) 


    *Use whatever materials you have at home to complete assignments. You are encouraged to use the materials explained in the lesson but you certainly can improvise art materials or do your work in pencil.  

    About Mr. Stevens

    This is my 20th year teaching art here at MAMS. I sketch daily and love to paint. I illustrated two children’s books.. I also play the guitar (not particularly well) and enjoy kayaking, camping and Star Wars! This is the Way!  Mrs. Stevens is my wife and she also teaches here at MAMS. .My daughter Hannah is going to the 9th grade this September and my son Roddy is going into his first year of middle school.  They have the same concerns as you about starting a year during very strange times.  We will get through this together.

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