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    MAMS Physical Education and Health
    MRHS Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach

    The Health and Physical Educational Department at Matawan Aberdeen Middle School aims to provide a well-balanced program that promotes health and develops the physical, social, emotional, and mental well being of students. Our goal is to provide for the enjoyment of recreational, lifetime activities.


    Health concentrates on developing an awareness that promotes responsible decisions about the use of alcohol and drugs, recognizes the characteristics of a mentally healthy person and develops patterns of behavior that promote positive physical and mental health for a lifetime.


    Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

    Regular physical activity:
    • Helps build and maintain healthy bones and muscles.
    • Helps reduce the risk of developing obesity and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and colon cancer.
    • Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety and promotes psychological well-being.
    • May help improve students’ academic performance, including:
      • Academic achievement and grades
      • Academic behavior, such as time on task
      • Factors that influence academic achievement, such as concentration and attentiveness in the classroom
Last Modified on September 13, 2018