• Welcome to  Ravine Drive!


    Our Vision:
    To provide the best possible educational experience for our children in partnership with the teachers and staff at Ravine Drive School


    Our Mission:

    To raise funds for:


    • Field trips
    • Educational assemblies
    • Supplemental materials for teachers
    • Technology to enhance the educational experience
    • Playground equipment
    • Other projects approved by the PTO and administration


    Our Objective:

    To provide every interested parent an opportunity to participate in PTO activities


    We need you to make our organization a success. We welcome new members and new ideas! We are working with Mrs. Janover to increase parental involvement. Studies have shown that students who have involved parents do better academically. We have opportunities to match the amount of time you can give. Just two hours of your time will help us reach our goals. Get involved. We promise you will enjoy it!