• Anime Club

    Faculty Advisor: Mr. Gross
    Email Address: zgross@marsd.org

    Welcome to the MRHS Anime Club.
    We are a student organization dedicated to the enjoyment of Japanese Animation (Anime), Manga, Comics, Art, and Games.
    President: Dimitri
    VP of Anime: Jaysen
    VP of Gaming: Eli
    VP of Manga: Amanda
    Meetings are held twice per month on TUESDAY afternoons unless otherwise noted, from 2:20-4:00
    in the library. Check the schedule regularly for changes.
     18  Tuesday (1st meeting)
     25  Tuesday
     9  Tuesday
     23  Tuesday
     31  Wednesday Halloween Party
     6  Tuesday
     27  Tuesday
     4  Tuesday
     18  Tuesday
     8  Tuesday
     22  Tuesday
     5  Tuesday (11:30-1:00) No Late Bus. Arrange a ride.
     12  Tuesday Cancelled
     19  Tuesday Just Added
     26  Tuesday Cancelled
     12  Tuesday
     26  Tuesday
     9  Tuesday
     30  Tuesday
     14  Tuesday
     28  Tuesday
    4  Tuesday
    11  Tuesday