• Cliffwood School is a school-wide Title 1 school for the 2023-2024 year. This designation allows us to provide support, interventions, programs, and activities for all students (versus a targeted Title 1 program for certain identified students).  

    A Title 1 school-wide program is a comprehensive reform strategy designed to upgrade the entire educational program in a school with a poverty percentage at or above 40 percent or in a school with a poverty percentage below 40 percent that was granted an eligibility waiver exception by the state educational agency. Operating a school-wide program should result in an ongoing effort to bolster the academic achievement of the entire school community while tailoring reform strategies and interventions to meet the unique needs of all students, staff, and families. The outcome of such should ensure all students, particularly those who are low-achieving, demonstrate proficient and advanced levels of proficiency, as measured by the challenging State academic standards. A comprehensive school-wide reform strategy requires that a school: 

    • Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment; 
    • Complete an Annual School Plan (ASP) that describes and details the scope of the identified changes in the educational program of the entire school; 
    • Conduct an annual review of the effectiveness of the school-wide program and revise the Annual School Plan (ASP), as necessary.