• National Junior Honor Society

    Matawan Aberdeen Middle School

    Qualifications for Consideration by Faculty Council


    6th Grade - 7th Grade Marking periods 1,2,3,4;1,2 (respectively)

    Students will be sent an email regarding ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY at the beginning of Marking Period 3. Students will have 2 weeks to submit their applications. Students will be notified VIA US MAIL regarding acceptance. There will be no extensions to this deadline.


    I. Academic Selection


    Student GPA of at least a 3.8 weighted average based upon six marking periods (one year of previous grade and one half-year of current grade) of attendance at Matawan Aberdeen Middle School.


    II. Service—School/Community

    Active participation in an on-going or seasonal school/community activity

    Detailed explanation of the type of activity/responsibility

     Signatures are required  for any and all in-school and community-based activities.

    III. Leadership—School/Community Class Organization

    Defined as one or more of the following:

     *Demonstrating leadership in a school/community organization

    *Holding office in a school/community activity

    *Demonstrating leadership in promoting school/community activity

    *Being dependable in any responsibility accepted- specific activity must be articulated

    *Inspiring positive behaviors during activity



    IV.  Character

    Displaying qualities of honesty, integrity, cooperation, reliability, and respecting school rules and regulations:

    *Participation in clubs/sports of personal interest 

    *Participation in school-based activities /events 


    All information submitted by the student is expected to be truthful and is subject to verification.

    Students with suspensions, detentions, and/or multiple teacher-parent contacts for disciplinary issues are immediately removed from the selection process and identified as “non-considered.”


    Faculty Review:

    Students who acquire the minimum points necessary will be reviewed by the entire school faculty.  It is to be understood that any and all records relating to behavior and observance of school rules, regulations and laws will be examined. Confidentiality will be maintained; however, students will be given reasons for their failure to pass final selection.