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    Welcome to the Investment Club!
    Club Advisor: Daniel Bernstein
    Email Address: dbernstein@marsd.org
    Phone number: 732-705-5300

    Welcome to the Matawan RHS Investment Club web page.
    We competed in Stevens Institute's "Trading Day" event and plan to
    return when and if it is resumed.  The members of the above team have all 
    gone on to bigger and better schools and jobs!
    It was a great way to learn about trading strategies and the role of
    quantitative analyticand technology in the financial markets. Our team
    kept their cool and was among the top few teams throughout.  The members   
    of the above team have all gone on to bigger and better schools, internships and jobs!
    The Investment Club visited Prudential Investment Management's Fixed Income
    floor, where $560 billion are managed (yes billions).  
    We learned how they run their business and the basics of how they generate
    alpha for their clients. 

    Investment Club members compete in Investopedia's Stock Market Game.  Members share ideas that are based on fundamental and/or technical analysis overlayed with portfolio diversification and other risk management techniques. 

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    Members have decided to research and produce a "gap trading" study that they hope will generate
    profitable trading rules!  Work has begun and we are excited to see results.
    We have several other activities under consideration this year. 
    Get in the Game!          New members welcome!