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     “ON THIS DAY”
    March 2, 1807

    U.S. Congress enacts law ending African slave trade.

    March 3, 1865

    Freedman's Bureau founded.

    March 5th

    Crispus Attucks Day

    March 6, 1857

    U.S. Supreme Court rules on the Dred Scott Decision.

    March 10th


    March 11, 1959

    Lorraine Hansberry's - A Raisin in the Sun opens on Broadway.

    March 16, 1827

    Freedom's Journal first African American newspaper was founded.

    March 17, 1919

    Nat "King" Cole singer and pianist was born.

    March 20, 1852

    Landmark anti-slavery novel - Uncle Tom's Cabin was published.

    March 29th