What resources are available for use with NWEA assessments?

    There are many online resources available to schools using MAP assessments, including:

    • DesCartes: This assessment tool provides the information educators need to meet the academic needs of each individual student. The DesCartes continuum of learning orders specific reading, language usage, mathematics, and science skills and concepts by achievement level. The skills and concepts align to state standards and are grouped along the continuum according to the NWEA measurement scale for easy reference. 
    • Lexile: This score, reported along with the MAP reading assessment score, provides a means of measuring a student's reading level and growth. It also aids teachers and parents in selecting reading materials that appropriately challenge students and strengthen reading skills. The Lexile score can be used to find resources at www.lexile.com
    • Online Reports: NWEA reports turn test results into actionable information. Performance data is available in as little as one day after testing, and reports are formatted to meet the needs of each member of a child's learning team. Information available on reports includes percentile rank, achievement score, projected proficiency on state assessments, and individual student growth.
    • Training: Professional development for educators is available online, regionally, and at the district level to aide in the application of MAP data to improve classroom instruction and increase student growth. Participants can build expertise within their school or district, develop leadership teams to improve student performance, and collaborate with others as they attend training along a continuum of learning.
    • Document Library: This online collection of materials has reference guides for administrators, teachers, and parents. It also contains sample reports, presentations, and other resource materials. NWEA research publications can also be found at this site. 

    What technical resources are available for NWEA testing?

    NWEA has a technical support line to handle issues surrounding test administration. That toll free number is 877-469-3287.
Last Modified on June 28, 2012