• Coach Robert Carnovsky

    or Coach Carno
    or Coach C
    Goodbye Shea


     This is my 14th year coaching baseball.  I also run a baseball camp during the first weeks of summer for the youth in our community.  Nothing, is cooler than to see kids grow up right in front of your eyes, watch them go through the Little League system, the baseball camp, and then into High School baseball.  This was really evident with in the past few years when players such as Kevin Knox, Nick Chomko, Julian Sonnenfeld, Fran Santimauro, and JD Melendez went from boys to young men on the baseball diamond.
    In my 14 years, 13 as the JV coach, I have accrued a record of 130 wins and 100 losses.    I ONLY care and am proud of this mark because it reminds me that I love coaching baseball and interacting with the kids and have kept my sanity for more than 12 years while doing this :) I hope to make respectful young men as I teach the game of baseball.  My players will respect themselves, their families, their baseball family, and the colors of Matawan HS- maroon and steel.
    I do not care about ability - I want hustle, respect, an inner drive to succeed and a wanting to succeed by playing fundamental baseball.  If we lose every game but learn life lessons and never quit- I would be happy (well........ not that ecstatic).
    I look forward to coaching another year in the town in which I grew up and for the school that I graduated from.  Baseball is my favorite sport to coach of the 3 I am involved with.  The weather is great, the kids always want to be there, and you can get nice color on your skin which makes outsiders think I am a tropical traveler.
    Good Luck this year to Coach Kaye and Vitaliano on the varsity.  The 3 of us as well as Freshman coach Deegan give 100% effort - 100% of the time for the baseball family.  The field and layout is designed by a former baseball parent and WE HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR THE FIELD OURSELVES.  We take great pride in our ball park and the kids who have played and will play on it.

Last Modified on April 12, 2012