•        Our Kindergarten students enjoy
    using the laptops!

          Mrs. Alvarez’s Kindergarteners had an extra special computer class, thanks to Ravine Drive’s mobile laptops.  Miss Longo brought the computers to their classroom and each student sat at their classroom table and worked on his or her very own laptop.

          All of the students successfully launched the Kid Pix application for the first time. During this discovery session, the kindergarteners browsed the Kid Pix sticker menus, animation menus, and background menus. They selected objects for their illustrations by pointing, clicking, dragging and dropping. One of the most popular features was learning how to resize and animate objects on the screen.

           Miss Longo and Mrs. Alvarez are very proud of all of the boys and girls. They did a wonderful job and this is surely the first of many exciting kindergarten lessons that will include the mobile laptop cart.

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Last Modified on April 7, 2009