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    1st Grade News
    Here are some of the fun projects that we're creating in the computer lab. We hope you enjoy them.
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    PowerPoint Slides
    The boys and girls from Mrs. Pisano's classroom used their weekly computer class to publish research about places they would like to visit. Each student typed their own research, inserted clip art, and selected a special background color for their slide.
    We are so proud of them!

    Computer Class Book
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    Miss Mizzi's Valentine's Day Podcast
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    First Grade's Heart Charts
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    Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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    Mrs. Sozomenu's New Year's Podcast

    Miss Fenimore's Thanksgiving Podcast

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    Miss Mizzi's Halloween Class Book

    Miss Mizzi's class read Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Next, the students used their weekly computer lab class to create a class book for Halloween, titled White Ghost, White Ghost, What Do You See?  Miss Mizzi's students used the background formatting tools and paintbrush tools in Kid Pix to create all of the illustrations seen in the class books below. Congratulations Miss Mizzi's class! You did an outstanding job!

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