• Matawan Regional High School Academies
    The MRHS Academies are schools within a school.  All new 9th graders are automatically part of the Freshman Academy.  Overseen by Assistant Principal Mike Wells and a unique team of support staff, this Academy targets skills and experiences that will help students start their high school year with confidence and support.  The Career Academies specialize in three different areas for students who have some idea of their future interests. 
    Click on the links to the left or on the links listed below for more information regarding each Academy.
    Visual Arts Academy - https://youtu.be/lXK25N1q8N8
    Global Humanities - https://youtu.be/HBRJST-V0h0
    Performing Arts/Dance - https://youtu.be/AI_Ud2nqOqU
    Performing Arts/Vocal - https://youtu.be/uKYx6ZVKu4s
    Performing Arts/Theatre - https://youtu.be/hSfGTAWAYNI
    BioMedical (now Stem) - https://youtu.be/mSqZWFNuudw
Last Modified on August 29, 2017