• Our Story


    How We Began

    We began at the end of last year, a few members, with hopes of attending a few events this winter - not as competitors, but as spectators. As the small group of core members dedicated their time and energy to getting the team off the ground, we realized our true potential. The team began to grow and amass funds as products of the hard work of its members. Our aspirations for the team expanded exponentially and now we are completely prepared to compete in the First Tech Challenge meets and qualifiers.

    On Saturday, November 7, the HuskyBots attended our first ever event, a meet at North Brunswick High School. There, we competed with twenty other teams - and placed sixth. While this was not a gold, silver, or bronze, or even a top 5 win, it was monumental in our eyes. Our ability to challenge and beat multiple veteran teams as a first-year team came as an inspiring surprise. The effects of this small victory were evident immediately. The next day at our meeting, we were as enthusiastic as ever about ways we could improve our robot. It seemed all the team members now had a shared goal in mind - coming back and placing in the next competition.  
    On Sunday, December 6, the HuskyBots attended our second meet at Northern Burlington County Middle School. In this competition, we placed 5th. This was a huge accomplishment for us! We ordered more parts at the next meeting, so we could get ready for the qualifier. The HuskyBots are extremely enthusiastic about the qualifier.