• Ms. Jessie Zitarosa

    Ms. Jessie Zitarosa

    Assistant Principal




    Ms. Zitarosa is the Assistant Principal for sophomores and supervises the following departments: English Language Arts, English as a Second Language, World Languages, Career Electives and Visual and Performing Arts.  Prior to this role, Ms. Zitarosa served as Supervisor of Language Arts and Social Studies K-12, Director of Elementary School Accountability - Pre-K-5, and Director of Language Arts/Humanities K-12 for the Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction.  This provided her with the unique opportunity to work with students, teachers, and administrators of all buildings (Pre-K-12). In addition, Ms. Zitarosa was the Vice Principal of the K-3 Elementary Schools where she enjoyed working with our youngest learners as they began their academic careers.

    Before working for the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District, Ms. Zitarosa was a Teacher of English at Wall High School.  Ms. Zitarosa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Education from Monmouth University, and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from New Jersey City University.  She has also taken post-graduate courses at Monmouth University and Georgian Court University where she has earned additional Education certification.

    Ms. Zitarosa is passionate about education.  She believes that every student is unique and possesses his/her own talents that need to be cultivated.  It is the job of the educator to provide a learning environment where students can acquire the skill set that is necessary to achieve success in their pursuits after high school.  

    Ms. Zitarosa can be reached at: 732-705-5200 or by email at: jzitarosa@marsd.org.