• The Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District is dedicated to the continuity of instruction, especially when emergent conditions require alternate plans. Due to extenuating circumstances, MARSD has adopted a virtual school platform for students in grades PreK-12 which is a way for instruction to continue while students are unable to attend school due to a forced closure. While the virtual school platform is not intended to replace the traditional classroom environment, teachers will still be able to deliver standards-based instruction to students in an online/digital learning environment until the normal school schedule can resume.

    The district will work with any and all students, and their families, to ensure they have access to all remote learning opportunities, whether they be digital or paper-based.  Additionally, to the extent possible, we want all primary students engaged in purposeful play.  

    Roles and Responsibilities - Preschool Parents

    Support your child in their learning process by:  

    • Scheduling regular times each day for you to work with your child; Spread them out over periods of time.
    • Having your child take movement & brain breaks after each activity.
    • Contacting your child’s teacher via email with any questions, problems/concerns.
    • Knowing that your child’s teacher will contact you and/or your child throughout the week. 

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