Lloyd Road Elementary School

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Principal's News

  •  Each year all schools decide on a few focus goals that will be the areas of concentration throughout the year. After reflection and collaboration, our focus goal areas for this year are the following: 

    1. Our English Language Arts (ELA) and Social Studies team members have narrowed down our writing instruction and learning as their focus area. Our work in writing will be to develop a stronger writing program through adding more supplemental support resources for the yearly writing themes and to assure we are using consistent writing instructional practices and rubric scoring. Last year we focused on the Reading portion of our ELA blocks of instructional time with our new Literacy By Design program, so this year we are working on the Writing portion.

    2. Our Math and Science team members have chosen to continue focusing on developing a consistent approach to teaching multi-step problem solving instruction and for providing students practice at varying skill levels.

    3. Our co-teaching team members are working on exploring effective co-teaching practices that foster student learning, increase achievement, and build cohesive professional relationships.

    4. All of Lloyd Road will work to build knowledge, awareness and deepen understanding of research-based strategies that promote a positive school culture and climate, with a focus on promoting equity and diversity among all members of the school community. 

    Lastly, and to keep our overall operational philosophy simple, we are emphasizing for all of our Lloyd Road staff and students to NEVER GIVE LESS THAN OUR BEST in all that we do whether it be teaching, learning, managing, playing, leading, interacting, etc.