The focus this year is on the Mind-Body connection to a healthy life. As classroom teachers spend every day on student awareness, Health classes will be using critical thinking skills to make healthy and safe choices for life.
    Healthy Mind...Healthy Body
    Our curriculum uses the Great Body Shop to explore the following topics: 
    • Safety: at home, in school and in the community
    • Body parts and systems: how it works, its problems and how to care for it
    • Foods: how they fuel the body, making healthy food choices and proper food handling
    • Families: growing and changing, types of families, how families change, family responsibilities
    • Feelings: types of feelings, how to handle them, attitudes, values and goals
    • Drug awareness: medicines, tobacco, alcohol, addictions
    • Communicable diseases: germs, how they are spread, symptoms, how to get well, how to prevent illness


    In our exploration, we will: 

    • Use decision making steps to make the right choices
    • Compare and contrast to understand differences 
    • Predict consequences to avoid unhealthy choices


    We will use a variety of ways to learn:

    • class discussions
    • video presentations
    • demonstrations
    • role plays and movement activities
    • diagrams and worksheets


    e-mail: pchurch@marsd.org
Last Modified on March 16, 2020