Nurse Contact Information

    Ravine Drive Elementary School Health Office
    Nurse: Mrs. Carmen Morales RN
    Please E-Mail or Call with any questions, health concerns or to schedule an appointment for MEDICATION DROP OFF/PICK-UP:
     Phone: 732-705-5830  Fax: 732-705-5850
    Daily Schedule within the health office:
    9:05am-9:35am  Visiting classrooms
    9:35am-10:50am PARENT APPOINTMENTS, Nursing Care, Paperwork, Preparing for the day ahead
    10:50am-2:00pm Medications, Nursing Care, Supporting Student Lunch
    2:05pm-2:40pm Nurse Lunch, Return phone calls, Nursing care
    2:40pm -3:35pm  Visit Classrooms, Medications, Prepare for Dismissal
    3:35pm-3:50pm PARENT APPOINTMENTS-Duty/Wrap up office  

    As Per the District Handbook:

    Returning from Contagious Illness:

    Children who have had an elevated temperature must remain home until the temperature has returned to normal WITHOUT medication for 24 HOURS. 

    (24 Hours Fever free)