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    Welcome to Art

    Today is Sunday, March 29, 2020


    Welcome to the ART'RAGIOUS art room .  Students will be exploring the Elements of Art as found in their classroom studies, their culture, and in their everyday lives. All grades will be starting with  the understanding and utilization of line  and color in their art work.
    Kindergarten will be exploring their knowledge of line by creating beautiful painting replicating the artistic style of the Navaho culture. 
     First grade will begin with an introduction to the artist  Paul Klee. 
    Second graders will be creating  3D sculptures  of playgrounds and /or familair landmarks 
    And  Third grade will start by exploring line and symetry found in their name sake.
    As the marking period progresses we will be observing lines and shapes in nature.
    Denise Lepre
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