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Thank An Everyday Hero Project

Thank You
To simply say that this is a trying time for ALL Americans is an understatement. We are extremely lucky to have healthcare workers, first responders and all essential frontline workers continue to do their jobs in order to keep us safe! To express gratitude, Adrea Geniton, Coordinator of the Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach Neighborhood Watch Program and Brittany Shea, Public Information Officer for Aberdeen Township have created the “Thank an Everyday Hero” project.
Front Lawn signs, as pictured below, are available at a cost of $15 each with all profits feeding the frontlines of Aberdeen and Matawan. On a weekly basis, the project will drop food, drinks and snacks off to the staff at Bayshore Hospital, Aberdeen's and Matawan’s First Responders and Aberdeen Township's and  Matawan Borough’s essential workers. If bringing some hot food or cases of Gatorade and snacks is what we can do to show our appreciation and take one less decision off of their plates then that is what we will do!
Your ordered lawn signs will be delivered in a timely fashion to your front lawn. Individuals are urged to order signs via Venmo by sending payments to the account name @thank-an-everyday-hero. When using the Venmo pay option, please provide your name, phone number, address and how many signs you are ordering. If you do not have Venmo, you are urged to contact one of the coordinators using the contact information provided below to order your sign.
Thank you to everyone who decides to participate in this fundraiser! Remember, we are Aberdeen Strong, Matawan Strong, Bayshore Strong, Jersey Strong and most of all America Strong and we will win this war!
Adrea Geniton: 917-364-3104
Brittany Shea: 732-995-5031