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Governor's Educator of the Year Recipients

We are proud to announce the 2018-2019 Governor's Educator of the Year Recipients.  
Matawan Regional High School
Andy Lasko - Teacher of the Year
Florence DeCosta - Educational Services Professional
Matawan Aberdeen Middle School
Dylan Tarrazi - Teacher of the Year
Michelle Bocchieri - Educational Services Professional
Lloyd Road School
Kathryn Leslie - Teacher of the Year
Raquel Colao - Educational Services Professional
Cliffwood Elementary School
Kelli Werner - Teacher of the Year
Lauren Six - Educational Services Professional
Ravine Drive School
Christine Lenihan - Teacher of the Year
Vishakha Kapadia - Educational Services Professional
Strathmore Elementary School
Jennifer Barsi - Teacher of the Year
Annette Langer - Educational Services Professional
Cambridge Park Preschool 
Matthew O'Brien - Teacher of the Year
Caroline Incorvaia - Educational Services Professional