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Online Gradebook For Parents This Year

Remember...Online Gradebook For Parents This Year

Just a reminder that the parent portal will also include the Realtime Gradebook this year. Each teacher's gradebook shows your child’s current academic progress in all classes throughout the year. As parents will have constant access to their child’s academic progress (tests, quizzes, class work, homework, etc.), as well as a current overall grade for each course, the district will be eliminating progress reports for students in grades K-5. Also, teachers are collecting grades daily but the portal gradebook will be updated once every 5 days at a minimum. As always, please contact your child's teacher directly if you have any questions/concerns about your child’s progress. For Kindergarten learners, grading is more focused on daily class work versus formal assessments (tests, quizzes, projects). Therefore, the K gradebook in the portal will be updated once every 10 days minimally. Also, K grades may not be shown in the portal until early October.