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Important Information on Classroom Celebrations / Snacks



December 4, 2013



Dear Parents,                                                                          


I would like to ask for your cooperation in keeping all the children safe at Lloyd Road this school year.  We must all work together, as a community, to achieve this goal.


There are children in the school with life threatening allergies to numerous food ingredients.  The only way to be sure to keep these children safe is to know what and where allergens are in our school.  If someone in your child’s class has an allergy you will be given a letter stating the specific allergy in the classroom. Exposure to these foods by eating, touching or being touched by someone who has this food residue on them can bring about an anaphylactic reaction, which can result in hospitalization or death.  It is estimated that between 150 and 200 people die annually from food related anaphylaxis, many of these are children or young adults.  There is no cure for food allergy.  Strict avoidance is the only prevention. 


We are asking all classes to keep us aware of what items are being brought  into Lloyd Road for celebrations.  When snacks are requested by your teacher, please read the ingredient labels on the pre packaged snacks you send in and deliver them in their original package, with ingredients listing intact.

This includes items brought in for birthday celebrations. 


Regretfully, any item that is not in compliance, FOR ANY CLASSROOM, and does not have an ingredients list, will be sent back home.


By law, the ingredients are listed on every package, and allergy causing ingredients, such as peanuts, are highlighted and be considerate of allergies in your child’s classroom.


Please take the time to check the ingredients so we can have a safe and healthy school year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.


Thank you,


Rosalie Preuss RN




Letter From the Nurse