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On-Line Pre-Registration and Transfer Information

Steps for Registrations into Lloyd Road:
Step 1: Make sure you sign your child out of his/her previous school.  If your child attends a public school, they should print out a transfer card for you. Usually, we ask for a copy of your child's last report card, as well as immunization records as well, so if you can acquire those things from the school while you get the transfer card, that is very helpful and speeds up the process.
Step 2: Next, to begin the registration process with our school, please go online to:  to fill out the pre-registration form.  Make sure you put in as much of the requested information as possible.
Print out and complete the rest of the registration packet which can be accessed here: 2017-2018 LR Registration Packet.  If you do not have a printer, you can fill out this packet at the school on the day of your registration appointment.
Step 3: After completing the on-line pre-registration, and filling out the rest of the registration packet (if you have printer access), make sure you have the documents below on hand.  Please note that the following supporting documents will be needed to register your child.  We will ask for them during your appointment.  
1. Transfer Card (if a public school)
2. Child's original birth certificate
3. Parent's driver's license/ID 
4. Rental Agreement/Lease, or Deed, or Property Tax Bill or Mortgage Statement* (you must have this on hand when you come into your appointment).
5. Legal Guardianship Papers (if applicable)
6. 3 additional proofs of residence (you have up to 20 days to supply these additonal proofs)
7. Immunization records (which can be requested from last school).  Vaccines needed are:
        Mantoux test for TB needs to be done on arrival to US (if applicable)
        DTP  3 doses (at appropriate intervals)
        Polio  3 doses (at appropriate intervals)
        MMR 2 doses (at appropriate intervals)
        Hep B 3 doses (at appropriate intervals)
        Varicella 1 dose (at appropriate intervals
In order to allow a child to enter school, he/she must have at least 1 dose of each vaccine listed above.
8. Latest Report Card
9. Recent IEP/504 (if applicable)
The child will also need to have a physical if they have not had one within the past 12 months.  You are given time to complete this.
*If you reside with someone else and you do not personally own or rent the residence - you must fill out an "Application for Admission of Domicile Student", which will be provided to you at the school during your appointment.  This application must be completed by both parties (resident and parent), and notarized.  Both parties will need to provide proofs of residence as noted on application (4 proofs from resident, and 2 proofs from parent).
Step 4: Call Lloyd Road Elementary to schedule an appointment with us.  At your appointment, you will need to hand in your registration packet and supporting documents.
The following form is for parent information only:  Internet & Social Media Release Form
Should you wish to prohibit your child from participating in any publications and or if you wish to prohibit your child from particiaping in the media platforms noted on the form, please send in a letter in writing to the school.
Steps to Transfer Out of Lloyd Road:
Step 1: Please fill out the Tranfer Out Form as follows and submit to our school: 
Transfer OUT Form.  You can pick one up from the main office should you not have access to a printer.
Make sure you fill out the form completely, providing the new school address in its entirety, phone, fax, and/or email (if applicable).  Also provide your new forwarding address.  
Step 2: Once we receive the completed form, we will notify you of when you can pick up the following documents:
a) Transfer Card, b) Last Report Card, c) Immunization Records
These will be the documents the new school will usually request in order to start their registration process.  You must then submit these to the new school when you set up your appointment with them to register your child and complete the rest of the registration procedures.
Please allow time so that your transfer request can be processed with us, and note that the Transfer Card cannot be printed out until the child's last day in school.  The rest of the files/hardcopies will be mailed directly to the new school.